Tips & Tricks

Here is a list of tips and tricks for ASAPS authors, in no particular order

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  • To use counters, you need to have a character. The character can be a very small png file (think 1 pixel square). Also the character does not have to be vissible in your story at all!
  • Much can be accomplished with the combination of beats. For example, if you want to check, which of 3 counters is the highest, you can do so by using 3 ConditionCheck > counterCompare beats. First check 1 vs 2 and depending on the outcome either proceed to check 1 vs 3 (if 1 was heigher initially or as the YesTargetBeat) or 2 vs 3 if (if 2 was heigher or as the NoTargetBeat)
  • An imitation of 3 dimensional depth/persepctive can be achieved by making characters and props smaller in the background and bigger if they are in the front. What helps here is also the Z-index parameter in the Graphics Editor which controls the order of elements (what is in front/behind)
  • Sound effects for buttons and beats very much enhance the experience
  • Chose the background sound carefully, your user will hear it all the time the story is playing and through every replay. Very engagin music can quickly become annoying, while background sound will set the tone for your piece
  • You can simulate the giving/taking/stealing of an item from one character to another by using 2 addRemoveItem beats – first take and item from the first character, then give it to the other character
  • To see a change in a beat’s name in list view, hit the “Sort Beats” button. Your change will be saved, but not displayed before the beats are sorted the next time
  • If you want a lot of text to explain an ending, use an introText beat first for the text and then an endScreen beat
  • Normally, you would want to use endScreens in your story, because these beats reset all value (counters, inventory item, global variables etc.) when you hit the restart button.
  • Do not use endScreens if you want the values to continue, ie if you want a story that requires several passes to reach certain endings